Run-Off And Erosion Control Among Top Priorities Of Next Pick To Head USDA

4A proponent of smart land use is President Donald Trump’s pick for head of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), according to news reports, which add that domestic farming and conservation issues are among his top priorities. A Bloomberg Bureau of National Affairs  article from September 2017 states that Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Bill Northey is a favored pick for the post, as there are many environmental issues that could be tackled by someone who has the planet’s best interests at heart. These are encouraging developments for Caudill Seed, a seven-decade-old seed and supply distributor that offers industry-specific products for farmers, growers, landscapers, construction companies and more. Through its many years of experience, Caudill Seed has learned how to best address some of the issues that Northey will target if selected to head the USDA.

According to the Bloomberg article, Northey comes from a long line of farmers in the family and is perhaps most known for advocating for financial incentives in exchange for farmers who work to prevent fertilizer run-off that has become a major issue in the Gulf of Mexico. The report states that there’s an approximately 8,000-square-mile large “dead zone” in the gulf where algae growth is spurring nitrogen in the water, which is potentially harmful to infants. Bloomberg adds the Northey has advocated for planting “cover” crops that keep nutrients in soil and stop them from running off into nearby streams, rivers and lakes. In fact, government programs assisted with the planting of 317,000 acres of crops in 2015 alone. The impending passage of the next farm bill, which dictates agriculture laws nationwide, will be greatly shaped by Northey if he’s appointed.

These industry developments make for an exciting time for companies like Caudill Seed, which has three locations in Kentucky and has worked with wholesalers, farm dealers, seeding professionals, sod farms and turf managers for professional sports teams. With such a wide array of clients, Caudill Seed has fine-tuned its offerings to deliver custom-blended seed products to best fit the needs of the industry. With such environmental concerns as run-off being addressed in the near future, this company is excited to see where the agriculture field goes under the leadership of a new USDA head. In fact, Caudill Seed already  has a robust offering of erosion control products, from straw blankets and fences to lime and dyes. By shopping with this company, the path of erosion and run-off you’re experiencing at your work site can be properly tracked and stemmed.


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