Every Sector Of Agribusiness Stands To Gain From Partnership With Seed Company


caudill seed

Walking on to a new job site can be a stressful experience. You and your construction crew have been hired to turn the concept that was designed on paper into a reality. So, armed with schematics, architect’s renderings and know-how from previous large projects, you approach the job with your best foot forward. Fortunately, there’s nothing that says you have to go it alone. By asking companies like Caudill Seed for advice, you’ll know what agriculture products to buy that will grow best in your region or provide the toughest fight in your war against erosion. How does Caudill Seed know what blends of seeds – including proprietary ones it has developed – will grow in your climate? Similarly, how does this company know which DOT-approved blend of seed can be used along roadways Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia and more? The answer is simple: decades of experience in the agribusiness industry.

Caudill Seed Company got its start in 1947 when Forrest Caudill, upon his return from service during World War II, went back to the family farm. Upon seeing the need for a seed provider to better assist the region’s farmers, the Caudill company laid down its roots. Who could have known it then, but the company marked its 65th anniversary of operation in 2012. The company currently boasts three locations across Kentucky are presently works with wholesalers, retail companies, landscape contractors, sod farms and so many more folks who toil day after day to convert the land around us into aesthetically-pleasing and purposeful plots. The brand’s reputation has grown among homeowners, too, who’ve created a loyal following for Caudill Seed products such as the Triple Crown and Forrest Green blends. In fact, seeds remain at the center of what Caudill Seed does. Not only can customers easily find the right blend for the climate they live in, but Caudill has taken steps to produce blends that will meet many other environmental factors. What’s more, those proprietary blends from Caudill Seed are produced in conjunction with turf managers and other breeders that have consistently pleased customers.

No matter what your industry or need, we’re certain that someone from Caudill Seed can provide their insight that will help get the toughest jobs done more efficiently. Returning to the earlier construction company example, the six-plus decades of industry experience is bound to benefit those who may have a few questions about the job they’ve taken on. There’s no reason to worry, however, as this seed company that got its humble beginnings way back in 1946 is now working within all things agribusiness.


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